Friday, February 18, 2011

New Year's Resolution Success!

So, yeah, I need to make the typical apology so many lapsed bloggers have to make: "Sorry it's been so long, but I'm back...until I quit again."

The fact is I've finally hit upon a New Year's resolution that I can manage: "I resolve not to work so hard." And when I say "manage" what I mean is "be wildly successful at."

The fruits of my resolve are all around me, piles of paper, books everywhere, dirty floors and rugs, dirty dishes, hairy stuff growing in the fridge. I'm already behind in grading. I've got important documents scattered among three different computers, and there is no telling what file I've placed them in. So it has been a mighty struggle to spend the day watching my cats sleep and perform synchronized grooming.

In fact, I've feel so lazy, I'm going to call this post finished. Maybe next time I logon to Blogger I'll tell you about my spectacular, death-defying fall in the Writing Center. But it'll have to wait because I've already worked too hard.


  1. That was my plan today, to not work so hard, but then I suddenly realized -exactly- how messy my house had become since I started thesis revisions. Does it count that I cleaned grudgingly and lazily?

  2. Hey, Bri--

    You've just won a bottle of Sans's "Q" sauce! But you'll have to wait 'til this summer to collect it. Not to worry, it has a shelf life of two years.